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We strive to bring the ultimate experience, whatever the event may be. Our energetic team bring a more cutting edge vision to our events. The times of a DJ simply sitting back and playing song after song are not what we believe is todays demand. Today the client likes to see what they would see out in a nightclub, where the DJ is mixing the music, has all the newest selection, and can jump to the request of whomever the person wants to dance! Some perk’s that come with using Goodvibe Mobile Entertainment for your next event: We are not the big box solution. Each event is unique to us and we cater it to your needs. Music is our passion; the business comes with it.


At Goodvibe, we take pride in ensuring a fantastic experience for you, your family, or your business. Goodvibe was started due to what we feel is a lack of “True” DJ’s and Entertainers at Social Gatherings, Corporate Events and Weddings. We’ve all been there, scratching your head, asking the question, “Why did they get this guy to DJ? This is a nightmare!” Rest assured, at Goodvibe, we work with you in the way we would want someone to work with us. Friendly, Affordable, and Fabulous!